The Pleasure Hospital

3월 14 2011, 종류: Clitoraid NEWS

A large number of Burkinabe women are now candidates for the surgery, so Maitreya Rael stated: “Instead of using Clitoraid’s collected money to operate on just a few women, we should create the first Raelian Hospital, the “Pleasure Hospital”, and operate on all African women, for free, with the help of Raelian or non-Raelian volunteer doctors.”

The facility is scheduled to be built in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. It will be composed mainly of one operating room and two additional rooms. The total cost to build the facility and supply it with medical equipment is $200,000.

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With over $100,000 donated already, it seems to be working!

Marcus Wenner, Phd in Neuroscience and MSc in MedicalScience, explains more about the structure ...
The hospital was designed specifically to enable successful surgery adapted to the local conditions, allow personal change and empowerment of the women and encourage cultural change in the community. The hospital is divided into three increasingly sterile sections which combined with positive-pressured air filters, will help combat insect and micro-contamination.

The first section is the public one through which one enters, containing the waiting room, a pharmacy dispensary to bring a useful service to the local population, consultation rooms for treating minor illnesses or discussing surgery with the consultant, and a large conference room that can be used for press or medical conferences, or as a restaurant for patients by virtue of its connection to the kitchens and most importantly as an entertainment room opening into the private garden where women can meet and celebrate together regularly, to develop solidarity and support pre and post operatively, and follow courses on self pleasure so as to learn how to use their newly operated organ and enterprise and business management to encourage financial independence. These will be essential to the success in empowering the women to change themselves and their community.

The second section, which can only be accessed through the first, is only for staff and surgery patients. It contains their own private bathrooms, sleeping quarters for 5 patients with creche space for babies, a kitchen, washroom, store room with a secure pharmacy strong room, and the laboratory for analyses.

The third section is the top sterile area comprising the staff changing rooms, the nurses and doctors offices, the sterilisation room, giving onto the sterile equipment room, and the pre and post operation area leading directly to the operation room itself.

The incinerator, water filtration system and back-up electricity generators are essential to maintain smooth operation. It is planned that there also be some basic out-houses where pre and post operated women can stay, so that they can follow the self empowerment courses, cultivate vegetables and livestock, help manage the hospital and look after other women who are in the process of having their operations.

Finally the perimeter fence with guard is designed to secure the whole area from thieves and those upset by the such cultural change.